Polar Plunge

In spite of recording breaking cold, people are getting ready to jump in the lake for the polar vortex version of the Polar Plunge.  The event takes place Saturday, February 1st at Eagle Point.

Registration starts at 8 am.  The Parade begins at 10 am when participants show their stuff, dressed up in costumes to compete for prizes.  The plunge begins at 10:15 am from the docks at the Marina.  That area doesn’t freeze because of the action of the bubblers that are in place to protect the docks.

This year there will be a heated tent for people who would like to watch the action but don’t care to subject themselves to the punishment of what could be some very cold temperatures.

The event benefits Special Olympics.

More Blasts from Clark Lake’s Polar Vortex

It’s hard to remember another January like this one.   While some around the lake are suffering from cabin fever, others are out on the ice braving frigid temperatures and howling winds. Snowmobiles, ATVs, some cars and trucks, and ice fishermen have been making the most of this winter.

Unlike last year, the lake has frozen in most areas between Kentucky Point and Eagle Point.  The bubblers near the Eagle Point Marina docks keep that area open.

If you haven’t been around the lake to experience the Clark Lake version of the polar vortex for yourself, here are some photos, courtesy of Ann Swain that will help paint the picture.

Killer Swans?

Andy Shawaker tells how one swan killed another.  Is this what happened to dead swans this fall at Clark Lake?  Check out his killer swan story under Natural Encounters.

Pointe Bar and Grill Sign

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Friday for Columbia Township’s suit challenging the Dunigans, regarding the controversial sign advertising the PointeBar and Grill at the intersection of Eagle Point and Jefferson Roads, according to the Cit Pat.

State Surplus May Mean Tax Rebates

Rep. Mike Shirkey

Rep. Mike Shirkey

Rep Mike Shirkey of Clark Lake reports that the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference  estimates surplus revenues over the next three years to amount to almost a billion-dollars.

Shirkey, who was recently appointed to the Michigan House Appropriations Committee, suggested where this could lead. “We are currently evaluating a variety of options, including looking at a state income tax reduction or providing a taxpayer rebate check based on excess funds,” said Shirkey. “We are also looking at putting more money into improving things like roads and school safety, but it is important that returning money to taxpayers be a top priority given some of the financial hardships many residents faced during our recent storms. It’s the people’s money, and they just spent quite a bit on their cars and house damage, brush removal, and high utility bills.”

For more details, please click here.

Clark Lake’s Polar Vortex

Very Cold DamCamThe National Weather Service attributes the record cold to a polar vortex–swirling cold Arctic air that normally stays to our north, but dipped down to greet us with its frigid blast.  According to a Consumers Energy news release, the utility set a new hourly record for delivering natural gas on Tuesday, January 7th, from 8 am to 9 am.  That breaks the previous record set on February 3, 1996.

Betting on Sports Has Its Consequences

Barry, Beckey and Tucker

Barry, Beckey and Tucker

Putting oneself on the line based on the outcome of a sporting event is not without its consequences. Take the Rose Bowl. What team would end up there, and emerge as the winner? Beckey Ligibel, from Toledo, bet Michigan State fan Tucker Boyers that the Buckeyes would be there to win the crown. The results favored Tucker as the Spartans defeated Stanford. So Beckey had to “pay up.”

The accompanying photo was part of a video taken on Saturday (before the massive snow storm). The photo shows Tucker Boyers at the control of a four-wheeler, towing Beckey Ligibel and Barry Adams in a canoe on Clark Lake ice all the while proudly showing MSU colors.

Several words were spoken. Most notable are those from Beckey and Barry fulling the requirement of the agreement, clearly cheering the Spartans “go Green, go White!”


Congrats Bob LaZebnik

Bob LaZebnik in his Clark Lake home

Bob LaZebnik in his Clark Lake home

Clark Lake has reason to salute Bob LaZebnik.  He’s been honored with the Reynolds Field Outstanding Service Award.  Bob commissioned the creation of a large bronze statue of a World War II bomber pilot in 2011.  This year he commissioned and donated an original representation of a World War I Fokker aircraft.  Both are on display in the Airport Terminal Building. Read the details in the Cit Pat’s December 27th story.  Bob and his wife, Laurice, live on Kentucky Point.

The DamCam is Back

DamCam on Dec 26, 2013The DamCam is back in the game.  After a lengthy timeout, it is once again revealing Clark Lake moments as they occur.  The lens has been adjusted so you can get a more expansive view of the lake.  If you look in the upper right hand corner, you’ll notice a bit of the cove leading to Eagle Point.  This will allow you to view lake conditions and perhaps some of the activity on the ice.

Click the tab above for live video.

Experience shows that the 24/7 video comes up quickly using IE or Firefox.  On iOS7 devices, you may have to click on it a couple times to start the live video.

Merry Christmas!

Clark Lake on Christmas Eve morning

Clark Lake on Christmas Eve morning

Merry Christmas from the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation!

December 24th is looking bright and sunny, but cold.  The photo was taken at about 11:30 am with an air temperature of 14 degrees and plenty of water flowing over the dam.