Photo taken on Sept 11 at 10:10 am - Q Lane and Jefferson Rd

Photo taken on Sept 11 at 10:10 am – Q Lane and Jefferson Rd

Jackson County crews are repairing Jefferson Road from 127 to Brooklyn today (Tuesday) through Friday and possibly the early part of next week.  According to the County, repairs from 127 to Hyde are complete.  By Thursday of this week (Sept 12), the work from Hyde to Ocean Beach should be finished.  Then, Friday, and the early part of next week, the work will take the crew on the  stretch to Brooklyn.

So how are you affected if you live on S. Woodlands, Sandy Beach, Lakeview, Eagle Point, Hayes Drive, Q Lane, Keast, or Ocean Beach?  According to Joe Michalsky of JDOT, local traffic, emergency vehicles and school buses will be allowed through even when the work is taking place on the section of Jefferson Road near you.  The crews intend to finish work daily by the time school buses begin to hit the roads in the afternoon, around 3 pm.

The repairs to Jefferson currently taking place are designed to patch the road until more extensive work takes place in 2014.  That work could start as early as May of next year. And the process of repaving Jefferson should take about 5 weeks to complete.  The timing of the repaving may be affected by the race schedule at MIS.  So it is also possible that the work will be delayed until August.