Community Center Mission and Values

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About the Clark Lake Community Center

The Community Center preserves Clark Lake’s history.  The building was one of Clark Lake’s original cottages, looking out from its perch on Kentucky Point.  When this 100 year old house was threaten by the wrecking ball, Clark Lakers came together to save it.  Because 400 year old oaks stood in the path, the house was floated down the lake on a barge, relocated to the County Park, renovated, and today stands high on a hill.  Just as did it for 100 years, it looks out over the lake as a symbol of how Clark Lakers work together to benefit the community.  

The house is a central meeting point for Clark Lake’s organizations and events.  It can also be rented for weddings, life celebrations, graduations, and reunions.

What the Community Center Says about Clark Lake 

  • People working together on a common goal create a true sense of community.
  • The restoration of the Center and all fundraising activities should be conducted in ways that will protect the environment of land and lake.
  • The Clark Lake Community Center should be financially self-sustaining by means of fund-raisers.
  • All projects and fundraisers must be approved by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation before they begin.

It took the major effort of Clark Lake volunteers to move the former cottage from its 100 year old Kentucky Point location across the lake, and to restore it at its present site in the Clark Lake County Park.  Like the Spirit Trail and DamStrong,  it’s a bold illustration of what Clark Lake volunteers can achieve when the goal is worthy.  

Currently, the Community Center structure requires major work.  The “bones” are good, but repairs are urgently needed.  Renovations will cost between $150,000 to $175,000, and fundraising will make it happen. Help “Save the CC” by making a contribution.  Click here to help now

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