Fleet 58

The Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta is over for 2014, but the memories are fresh and the event is still the talk of Clark Lake.  Below, check out the photos and a review of the winners, and the complete list of finishes.

This fall, the Clark Lake Yacht Club is inviting Hobie sailors to be part of its Fall Regatta.  Click here for details.

Poster logo Fleet 58 EventSunday, July 6th at Clark Lake was just about perfect for sailing–not too hot, not too cold and enough wind that sometimes offered turbo power to Hobie Cats participating in the Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta.  Twenty-five Hobies entered the contest which meant to bring back the storied days when more Hobies sailed Clark Lake than any other inland lake in the country.

The course included the entire lake, with the start and finish at Eagle Point.  Here are the happy recipients of top 3 hardware awards for both 18-foot and 16-foot classes plus the award for best yachting attire, and presented by Clark Lake Spirit Foundation Chairman Mike McKay (to enlarge a photo, tap or click once, to reduce, repeat):

Not pictured:  3rd Place, 16-ft–Rusty Lyke & Rich Tallman

There was also an award for best yachting attire.  The winners were the Pease sisters–Debi Swihart, Terri Huffman and Sandy Pease-Simon (see photo above).

Yacht Club staff officiating the race--foreground Bill Locke & Neil Robb

Yacht Club staff officiating the race–foreground Bill Locke & Neil Robb

The Fleet 58 Regatta and Reunion was sponsored by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, the Clark Lake Yacht Club and Pointe Bar and Grill.  The Yacht Club managed the race.  Big thanks go to Neil Robb (race judge), Bill & Amy Locke (scoring).  There were two Yacht Club support boats-one with Harry & Susan Souborin and Dan Hockenberry; and the other, Frank & Josie Hones.  Nick Tanis represented the Yacht Club at the information table at the Caribbean Buffet.

The Fleet 58 Committee worked hard in organizing the event.  They include Chairman Mike McKay, Michelle Ambs, Meredith Szostek, Dotty and John Karkheck, Hugh Harris (CLYC) and board members of the Clark Lake Foundation (not already mentioned)–Ann Swain, Linda Reynolds, Peggy Collins, Joe Thorrez, Michael Thorrez, Tom Petitto and Rick Belcher.  A photo used often on this website and in the Exponent was taken by Cheryl Fichtner.  Thanks also go to the Brooklyn Exponent which published an engaging, full-page article in advance of this event.


Roger Lyons expertly drove his Nautique so the race could be photographed by Rick Belcher.  More photos of the event.

  • Thanks to Roger Lyons who expertly drove his Nautique for the photographer
  • Pease sisters, who won best yachting attire
  • Bill Tuttle was determined not to forget the course
  • Best yachting attire contestants
  • Bill Locke and Neil Robb from the CLYC
  • More attire contestants
  • Checking out the memorabilia table


Here are the results for both 16 and 18 foot classes, listed by order of finish:

Finsh/ Name/ Crew/ Sail Number

1- Brian Fish/Elise Fish /53210
2- Jon Wedemeyer/Katie Wedemeyer/ 91779
3- Rusty Lyke/ Rich Tallman/ 88904
4- Craig Hamlan/ 18385
5- Patrick Walz/ John Kudner/ 86669
6- Brian Adamczyk/ Eric Adamczyk/ 14247
7- Brad Fish/ Robert Fish /46004
8- Jeff Nuge/ Maris Nuge /72815
9- Robert Vermeulen /Scott Vermeulen /56059
10- Bill Tuttle /Gary Wrozek /54953
11- B.J. Lyons /Sally Lyons /37
12- Dan Omo /David Wiemer /none
13- Phil Schindler /Sally McCarthy /red-white-blue
14- Terri Pease Huffman/ Sandy Pease Simon/ Debi Pease Swihart/ 44
15- Louie Ambs/ Michele Ambs/ 23293
16- Eddy Lyke/ Kelly Lyke/ none
17- DNS 88314
18- Carl Noechel/ Meredith Meston/ 40074
DNF- Stoney Green/ 94104
DNS- Tyler Dever/ Travis Nichols
DNS- Kevin Fink/ Tucker Boyers

1- Joe Thorrez Kathleen Thorrez 74 / 48
2- Lynn Vermeulen/ Maggie Vermeulen 15003
3- Michael McCarthy/ Kristin Johnson 932
4- Walt Shuberg/ Justin Shuberg/Mike Bullinger/ 2217
5- Connor Stewart/ William Stewart/ 9505
6- L.J. Wilkinson/ Jakobi Salisbury/ Getaway
7- Christopher Gleeson/ 260


In the following, Becky Consonni tells of a remarkable experience the morning of the Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta.

ImageAn unusual occurrence or IS it?

A few weeks ago after helping launch the three Pease sisters on their Hobie 16 on the morning of the big Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta, I noticed something unusual in my photos!

In this shot, look at the sky on the starboard side of the sail boat. Amazing, isn’t she?? I hope you see the profile of a woman. She lingered around these ladies as they made their way to Eagle Point to the captain’s meeting before the race.

These wonderful ladies’ mom left this earth a year ago. The unity they showed in their efforts getting ready for this event was fun to watch (AND they won BEST yachting attire)!

Having lost my own Mom four years ago, I’m always seeing things in nature that reminds me of her (and my Dad, too.) Both of our parents will always dwell in our hearts and coming away from those death experiences taught me a new respect and empathy for the living who have gone through this. We all grieve differently and to move on is most courageous.

I met the three sisters late Saturday afternoon the day before the race and helped put their Hobie 16 together using my mast. It was a wonderful experience rigging this boat, new friendships made with Debi, Terri and Sandy! A beautiful memory on this beautiful Spirit over Clark Lake.

Pease sisters

The Pease Sisters, winners of Best Yachting Attire at the Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta