Anyone who attempts to photograph wildlife understands this basic truth – they don’t pose.  In fact, they don’t cooperate with photographers at all.  So, how did Diane Deming get these three to stand still, look in her direction, and appear as if they were in a John James Audubon painting?

Diane explains.  “The three deer were standing in a neighbors backyard with the forested area behind them.  I was standing in the garage with the door open.  From that angle, they didn’t see me so they weren’t spooked.  The three were actually looking at a doe and two fawns that walked into their line of vision.”  Diane took the photo on Saturday, around 4 pm.  The sunlight was waning, giving the photo the effect you see.

Diane adds that these three have appeared in the yard before.  How does she know?  The doe has an injured leg that you can detect if you look closely.  “Apparently a car accident, and because of it she limps a bit.”

After the photo session, the deer ambled into the front yard in search of acorns.  That lasted until they spotted Diane and her husband, John, through the window.

Deer are no strangers to the Demings.  Here’s a moment Diane captured in August 2016.