1234298_10151906014996873_1650043751_n[1]The 2013 Shrinkage Showdown Wakeboard Competition takes place at Eagle Point starting at 9 am on Saturday (Sept 28th). Competition starts with the beginners, followed by five more classes in this order: Intermediate (no inverts but can clear both wakes), Advanced (1-3 inverts), Outlaw (4 or more inverts), Wakeskate, Double-up (depending on interest). Each class is allowed one fall.

Some vocabulary: an invert is when a rider goes upside down while in the air. A wakeskate is a combination of a wakeboard and skateboard. This board doesn’t have bindings, is smaller, and is covered with grip tape.

Pre-registration is available and registration at the site begins at 7:30 am. Competitors must be WWA or INT members to compete (you can buy a day membership for $30; or yearly, for $60). Proof of membership is necessary on the day of competition.995358_10151702622146873_575372_n[1]

The event is sponsored by Boater’s Choice, Brooklyn. The event organizer is Eric Blasiman, who does sales and marketing for Boater’s Choice. For more information: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2060548155/efbevent