Snow Making Its Move

Snow is moving in, and Clark Lake is feeling its effects. And there is more ahead.  As of 9:30 am today, the National Weather Service predicted a four to six inch accumulation with a winter weather advisory in effect until 11 pm.  For updated information, please go to the local forecast on the main page of this website.

The lake is showing the effect of the cold and has started to freeze.


The photos above are from Bill Leutz and show views of the west end from the Eagle Point shoreline.  

You can also check current conditions by going to the DamCam.



Take a Time Out

Need a break?  Enjoy a quick time out with an instant visual feast–of the lake we love.  Watch the lake through the lens of the DamCam anytime day or night.  It’s live video from the dam site at Ocean Beach.

Confirmed DamCam watchers check out wind conditions, ice coming and going, seasons changing, and lake level, based on the amount of water going over the spillway.  The new camera provides a more detailed picture than the previous model.  From time to time, the perspective will change when an interesting new view occurs.

Recently new equipment was installed, and improvements to functionality continue.  Thanks to Mike McKay who financed the purchase of the camera and its installation.

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Saying Goodbye

Last week marked a farewell to a house, located on the south shore, east end.  It is part of a trend at Clark Lake where older structures are replaced by new construction.

Dronage: Andrew Lajdziak

For some, saying goodbye to a structure is a poignant  reminder of the good times associated with it.  The Jenning’s home was a gathering place for neighbors, especially kids.  Those kids, now adults, remember “Grandma Carol” and her warm welcomes, fondly.  Even though the physical building is now history, those memories will live on. 

Mike McKay is building a new home for the Kudner’s in that location.  Mike has transformed Clark Lake in several ways.  To read how Mike is leaving his mark on Clark Lake, please click here.   

Clark Lake Ladies Wine Swap

The Clark Lake Ladies Ornament Group is shifting gears.  Instead of sharing ornaments, they will be sharing bottles of wine.  What remains the same is this.  A local needy family is chosen to be a beneficiary at Christmas.

They ask participants to bring a favorite bottle of wine of a $15 value and mark it red or white.  The $13.85 fee includes, dinner, tax and tip at the Beach Bar this Thursday (December 14th).  RSVP to Cheryl Beer,

Below take a trip down memory lane with some who attended the event two years ago.

Two Seasons in December

Recent weather changes confirm there are two seasons in December, and probably several more.  This video illustrates how things can change and how Clark Lakers adapt.  The first part of the video features Sally Lyons on her paddle board on a chilly, but clear, December 1st.  Then the video, in an abrupt time shift, takes you to today (Dec 9).  Sally was joined by her cousin, Brandi Zak.  Both paddle boards were decorated for the season, as you will see.  And adding to the approaching holiday, they sang Christmas carols while accompanied by a portable audio system. 

BJ Lyons provided the December 1st dronage.  Bill Leutz took the video and photo on December 9th.  Produced by Rick Belcher.

Beach Bar’s Food for Thought

by Mary Johns

The Beach Bar is launching the “Food for Thought”, a campaign to raise funds for Columbia School District’s lunch program.

Over 31 million students in the U.S. rely on free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program. Through the program, free meals are available to families who make under $31,500 for a household of four, while reduced-price lunches are available to families who make just below $45,000 for a family of four. Still, there are children coming to school with no lunch, snack or their parents are behind on paying their child’s lunch account.

In 2016, the School Nutrition Association published a review of almost 1,000 school lunch programs, finding that nearly 75 percent of districts had unpaid meal debt, despite the dramatic expansion of free and reduced lunch programs.

It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach, hence the name “Food for Thought”.  As a company in the food business, we at the Beach Bar understand the importance of good nourishment.  We are taking donations for Columbia Schools to help with past due lunch accounts and to help students that may just need a little help.

We challenge all area restaurants and businesses to take up the cause and make a donation.  There has been a GoFundMe page set up, beachbarfoodforthought. Donations can be made on this page or at the Beach Bar.

Checks can be written to the individual school, please note in memo “Lunch”. Addresses are listed below:

Columbia Elementary School (PK-2), 320 School St, Brooklyn, MI 49230 

 Columbia Upper Elementary School (3-6), 321 School St., Brooklyn, MI 49230

 Columbia Central Jr. Sr. High School, 11775  Hewitt Rd, Brooklyn, MI 49230

Mary adds these comments:

“The Beach Bar staff every year at Christmas pitches in and we do a charitable donation. We in past years have raised money for the Brooklyn Pantry, collected toys for Salvation Army, donated Christmas gifts to the elderly and filled wish list for children from the Angle tree at Country Market.  

“What I have learned is there is federal assistance, so some children are covered 100% others are at a reduced rate of coverage and other families may just be a little over the financial guidelines to receive any assistance, but it does mean they don’t need help. I was told about one child came to school with just a applesauce cup for lunch and that type of situation is a daily occurrence. They (Columbia School District) do offer a sandwich for kids that are not sent with a meal, but maybe this will give them the option to offer a little more. 

“I am pretty excited about this. Growing up, food was never an issue in our home. My Grandparent’s owned a restaurant and my dad had a party store. It’s heart breaking to think there are children not getting enough to eat. As stated in the letter I sent, it is hard to learn on an empty stomach, hence the campaign name “Food for Thought”.  We live in such a great community of caring people. I am sure we all can make a difference.


Dam Strong Goes Forward

This morning (Monday, Dec 4), a Wilcox Landscaping crew is at the site of the dam at Ocean Beach.  They are taking the first step in the beautification of the area, as part of the Dam Strong project.  Donations to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation funded the reconstruction of the south shoulder this fall.  In 2012, the Foundation initiated a similar restoration for the north shoulder.  In both cases, the integrity of the dam was at risk.  A catastrophic failure could reduce the lake level by two to four feet.

Landscaping, including today’s upgrade, is underwritten by Mike McKay as gift to the Clark Lake community.  This first step will lead to further improvement.  Four Spirit Trail benches will be available for cyclists, walkers and runners who want to rest and view the lake. 

You can view progress live on the DamCam through this website.


Here is an aerial view of landscaping plans.  The rectangular shapes represent Spirit Trail benches.

Clark Lake Moon Mimics the Sun

This morning, the moon shone brightly, and dipped behind the horizon where you normally see the sun set in mid-summer.  As if recent stunning sunrises and sunsets weren’t enough, this display added dramatically to Clark Lake’s late fall collection. 

In these 7 am hour photos, the moon handily pierced through the haze left by yesterday’s leaf burning around the lake. 

Photos: Rick Belcher


A December 1st Treat

As if there is no end to it, Clark Lake illustrated its ability to present awesome sunsets, even in December.  Tonight’s display looked like this, in these three chronological stages.

A few minutes later.

The finale.

Photos:  Rick Belcher

Clark Lake Is Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Decorations are going up around the lake.  As you drive the circumference and visit the side roads, the spirit of the season becomes brightly evident.   And with decorations in front, you can view them as they reflect on the water.