The ribbon was cut yesterday (Tues 3/12) as many gathered to congratulate Jenifer Scanlon and Sandy Simmons on the grand opening of the Brokerage House’s new Clark Lake location.  Jenifer says she and Sandy have been talking and dreaming about this day for 10 years.  “With awesome agents like Jaimie Thomson, Mike McKay and agent-in-training Lilly Wooster, who all live at Clark Lake, it made sense to have a professional office in this community.”

Mike McKay and Jaimie Mercer Thomson

Jenifer adds “we hope to use the space and grounds to host community events.” That includes making the conference room available to local groups free of charge.  Jenifer comments “stay tuned for upcoming events such as yoga garden sessions, food truck rallies and more!”

The Brokerage House is partnering with Lakeside Concierge to provide service to seasonal residents, such as “ensuring their fridges are stocked, boats gassed up, beach chairs out and everything ready for lake fun.”

How will you know an agent is in the building?  Look for the flags flying along Jefferson Road.

The building, at the corner of Jefferson and Hyde Roads, has a history at Clark Lake.  Some will remember its days as a bank.  Later, the building housed Carl Evanson’s A Plus Electric.

Jenifer Scanlon has been a strong supporter of this website.  You’ll notice her clickable tile that accompanies stories that appear here.  Her own story about her start in real estate has the ring of the American Dream to it.  Here’s an excerpt:

When you talk with Jenifer, you quickly realize that she is passionate about life and her work. This outlook had a lot to do with her start in real estate. She and her husband, Kerwin, had just purchased a new home, doubling expenses. Daughter Katie was two, and Jenifer was expecting their second child. Being a hard worker with a love of lake life and now with two daughters to help support, she wondered “how can I work part time and still be super-mom?”  She thought of things she was interested in and real estate was at the top of her list. She took the course and got her license while raising toddler Katie and expecting Klaire.

At the time, the real estate market was a mess with foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcies.  Hundreds of realtors left the industry during that time, but Jenifer welcomed the challenge and was convinced she could make a positive impact.  “I called around to all of the firms in town, and only heard back from Bob Simmons of The Brokerage House. I warned that I was not sure what I was doing but that I was passionate, excited and a hard worker”.  Bob became a hero to Jenifer that day (and a mentor in the years that followed) when he said “We have empty offices that we will make into a playroom/nursery. And my daughter, Sandy, runs the office and is great with children so she can help out too.”

Jenifer did find the perfect fit both in career & her brokerage, it was no part time job. Her daughters have grown up in the business.  They became her business partners as she balanced career and motherhood in a role that calls for late nights, weekends and lots of “work” on vacation.

Even as the market continued to tank, the arrangement at The Brokerage House worked. With so many distressed properties, Jenifer became an expert in staging. Potential buyers can be turned off by needed repairs or unsightliness.  Instead, she presented them with a home well-prepared for sale.  Staging encourages them to see the possibilities.  Jenifer continues to believe in this approach. “I have a staging warehouse near Clark Lake and work hard to transform each listing to show its best potential and bring the strongest possible yield.” The firm grew and the market recovered. In 2019, Jenifer became co-owner with Bob’s daughter, Sandy Simmons.

Jenifer says Clark Lake has luxuries that set it apart from other lakes, starting with its unique history. The beauty of the lake, its topography that includes different elevations, mature tree, and clear water are all lures. “Every time I am on Clark Lake, I just look around and smile! Watching my Godchildren and daughters tube, jet ski, swim, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”