Please welcome Jenifer Scanlon and The Brokerage House to the Clark Lake Spirit website.  Jenifer is co-owner of this well-known local real estate firm. As you read on, you’ll see why her company is a good fit for this website. Plus, she has some fascinating insights about Clark Lake real estate that you’ll want to know about.

Growing up, Jenifer was always a big fan of Clark Lake. From Friday night Beach Bar pizza & foosball as a kid, long summer days on the lake as a teen, and to hosting her little sisters baby shower at the Community Center, Clark Lake has been and will continue to play an important part of her life.  She recalls fondly the day when she and friends watched from a boat the amazing sight of the Graziani cottage floating down the lake.  And Raft-O-Rama was a national holiday for Jenifer for a decade or so. Now, she takes her girls for Beach Bar soup, walks the Spirit Trail, loves Eagle Point and enjoys a lot of time with family and friends at the Beach and Boat Club.

Daughters Katie & Klaire at the Kids Triathlon

When you talk with Jenifer, you quickly realize that she is passionate about life and her work. This outlook had a lot to do with her start in real estate. She and her husband, Kerwin, had just purchased a new home, doubling expenses. Daughter Katie was two, and Jenifer was expecting their second child. Being a hard worker with a love of lake life and now with two daughters to help support, she wondered “how can I work part time and still be super-mom?”  She thought of things she was interested in and real estate was at the top of her list. She took the course and got her license while raising toddler Katie and expecting Klaire.  

At the time, the real estate market was a mess with foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcies.  Hundreds of realtors left the industry during that time, but Jenifer welcomed the challenge and was convinced she could make a positive impact.  “I called around to all of the firms in town, and only heard back from Bob Simmons of The Brokerage House. I warned that I was not sure what I was doing but that I was passionate, excited and a hard worker”.  Bob became a hero to Jenifer that day (and a mentor in the years that followed) when he said “We have empty offices that we will make into a playroom/nursery. And my daughter, Sandy, runs the office and is great with children so she can help out too.”

Jenifer did find the perfect fit both in career & her brokerage, it was no part time job. Her daughters have grown up in the business.  They became her business partners as she balanced career and motherhood in a role that calls for late nights, weekends and lots of “work” on vacation. 

Even as the market continued to tank, the arrangement at The Brokerage House worked. With so many distressed properties, Jenifer became an expert in staging. Potential buyers can be turned off by needed repairs or unsightliness.  Instead, she presented them with a home well-prepared for sale.  Staging encourages them to see the possibilities.  Jenifer continues to believe in this approach. “I have a staging warehouse near Clark Lake and work hard to transform each listing to show its best potential and bring the strongest possible yield.” The firm grew and the market recovered. In 2019, Jenifer became co-owner with Bob’s daughter, Sandy Simmons.

Brokerage House team members on Eagle Point dock

Jenifer loves the lakes and enjoys selling water front homes. “Even in a soft market, lake front homes, do not suffer the same as other properties. And when the market rebounds, lake homes appreciate very quickly!  For instance, in just over a year we have witnessed an incredible surge at Clark Lake.”  Jenifer shared that in 2019 the average cost per square foot was $290.  In 2020 that more than doubled to $479 a square foot. That’s well over the national average for annual growth.  Last year, two Clark Lake homes sold for well over $2,000,000.  Clark Lake values top all neighboring lakes.  

In Jenifer’s analysis, what do the next ten years hold? “The unprecedented rate of growth is not sustainable, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the future. We have experienced extreme ebb and flows over the last 11 years and The Brokerage House is well prepared to ride the wave, no matter how high or low.”  Trends today could be different tomorrow—historically low interest rates, working from home, and moving away from the cities.

Jenifer says Clark Lake has luxuries that set it apart from other lakes, starting with its unique history. The beauty of the lake, its topography that includes different elevations, mature tree, and clear water are all lures. “Every time I am on Clark Lake, I just look around and smile! Watching my Godchildren and daughters tube, jet ski, swim, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Kelly Petitto, Illianna Elder, and Jenifer on the Beach Bar Patio

Jenifer lists Clark Lake’s attractive amenities like its restaurants. Social options and events like Raft-O-Rama, Crab Races, Run Clark Lake, the Community Center, and the Spirit Trail make it a destination. When Jennifer talks to out-of-town clients, she knows most will not be lucky enough to buy at Clark Lake. But does Clark Lake have a role to play? “As a broker, I recognize Clark Lake as a value to the entire community because it’s such a wonderful draw. A family relocating to the area can moor a boat, dine, or go to a beach, and enjoy the Spirit Trail. It adds to the quality of life for everyone in the area. Whether they live in town or out in the country, going to the lake is a treat.”

The Sixth Annual Irish Hills Lake and Home Tour is set for Saturday, June 12th. People are invited to see and visit the lakes onboard rafts. In the past, visitors from Chicago, Cleveland, Nashville and Indianapolis have participated. Realtors and builders with statistical data will be available at each lake. Jenifer adds “The Brokerage House team is excited to host the Clark Lake excursion. They will be providing pontoon tours of the lake, offer live music and snacks on shore.  The concept? “It’s all in hopes of helping participants fall in love with the lake that speaks to them most.  Come say hello from 10am-5pm at Eagle Point.”

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