The Columbia Township Board will take up a proposal to improve the Township Park at the West end of Clark Lake.  As reported previously on this website, the park has had its share of problems.  Users of the park and those around it have been subject or exposed to fights, noise, overcrowding, substance violations, and other rude, illegal or abusive behavior.  The Township has asked OHM Advisors to recommend changes to the physical aspects of the park as well as improve it for users. The cost to operate the park is borne entirely by local property taxpayers.  No funding comes from any other entity such as the state or federal governments.  The Columbia Township Board will discuss the potential for grant funding at their regular meeting Monday (3/18).

The objectives, as stated by OHM, are these: refresh the pavilion and playground facilities, meet community desires for safety, accommodate proper parking, create connections to the Spirit Trail and the neighborhood, activate space for all seasons, and compliment other investments to Clark Lake.

This aerial concept provides an overall look at the possible layout, including the 12 parking spaces.

Here’s the same view, but with more detail.

Entering the park would continue to be free during hours of operation.  Parking would be handled by an unmanned pay station.

The OHM concept shows fencing and the pedestrian gate as in this photo.


The Township currently maintains portable facilities.  This photo illustrates permanent alternatives.

The plan looks at replacing the current pavilion.

The plan also specifies tree and other plantings to enhance the park.