High tension wire electricity filled the air for Super Saturday.  Yesterday (Sat 3/16) marked the culmination of competitive play that began December 7th.  The League championship is determined when the leaders of the Red and Green Divisions face off in final combat.  Green leaders Mark Fish and Eric Nichols played Red leaders John Menard and Tom Nelson.  The victors?  Menard and Nelson are League Champions.

The League consists of ten teams of two men each.  John and Tom formed their team 17 years ago.  They previously won the league championship 16 years ago.  This two-minute video tells the story.

Competition is tight.  Going into the last regular game on Thursday (3/14), any of four Red teams could have emerged to play Green Division leaders Fish and Nichols.  Based on the statistics, specific rules came into play.

The chart below provides a wealth of information.  For example, in the Super Saturday playoffs, the Green Division edged the Red Division 3 to 2 (scroll to last section).

Eric Nichols was MVP for this season.

Runners-up Mark Fish and Eric Nichols

During his years as Beach Bar owner, the late Tom Collins was the key figure in forming the league.  He purchased the high-end Rock-a-Rolla table, which was originally manufactured in the 1940s. It’s carefully maintained and still used.

This classic tradition now stretches over for 30 seasons.  Tucker Boyers is the only founding member still playing.  Another current member, Tom Nelson, has been playing almost as long.  Tom Collins, when he became ill, asked Tom to take his place in the League.

We have Tom Nelson to thank for maintaining the statistics each week and over the seasons.  He turns Excel spreadsheets into a work of art, as you can see when reviewing the chart.  (Scroll down to see a slide show of each regular season meet).  On Super Saturday, a player who had moved away from Clark Lake, but had been active for a long time, returned to watch the competition – Bill Tuttle.  Below are Bill, Tucker, and Tom.

Now let’s take a look at players and fans who were their for the final countdown.


Men’s Shuffleboard League 2024

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