A 1/4 inch of rain this morning did not deter the Easter Bunny nor dampen spirits for the Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon (Sat 3/30).  Kids 2 through 12 lined up to hunt eggs at Clark Lake Lions Club Park.  Inside the eggs were surprise treats.  Among the many eggs, three golden eggs awaited.  Those kids who found them each received an Easter basket stocked full of more goodies.

The Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt is a longstanding tradition at Clark Lake.  Today, and for the last few years, the eggs are plastic.  Early on, the eggs were real, having been hard boiled in advance.  Lion Walt Reed recalls what took place one year.  Somehow a dozen eggs were colored, but not boiled.  One of the kids was hungry and decided to crack open an egg and eat it on the spot.  To his surprise, he found one of the dozen that had been passed over.  Another year, Walt tells how a crow flew in for snack and made off with an egg, to everyone’s amazement.  Plastic eggs are now the standard.


In this slide show, the kids are having fun while the adults enjoy the entertainment.