Sunday sailboat races return this weekend.  How will that play out over the season?  Last summer, Clark Lake Yacht Club attracted more sailors than they have seen in years, according to Commodore Pat O’Harris.

Photo from Regatta 2022

All boats race together, and are not segregated by class.  Based on hull design, sails, and other factors, some boats are faster than others.  Obviously, wind is a big factor, but light and high winds affect boat speeds differently for the individual classes.  For example, in light wind, Rebels may beat Hobies.  But in high wind, Hobies outperform.

Since all boats, no matter the class, race together, how are times adjusted for fairness?  A sophisticated handicap system gauges five different wind speed categories, and is applied to scoring.  Further, the exact hull design plays an important role. For example, the formulas list five different kinds of Hobies.

As most know, Clark Lake’s Fleet 58 consisted of more Hobies than found on any other inland lake in the country.  Last year, this website featured a story about the return of Fleet 58, this time under the umbrella of the Yacht Club.  The 2022 Clark Lake Boat Count helps tell the story.  At the Yacht Club In 2020, there were 2 Hobies; in 2021, 4; and in 2022, 13.   One more Hobie came out of storage, but not from the Yacht Club.  Read the story by clicking here.  For some more Hobie history, read about how Fleet 58 came out of hiding in 2014.

The Yacht Club opens participation to anyone at the lake.  The Club’s Scott Rosenbeck adds “absolutely all level of sailors are welcome.  It’s a fun race.  The best way to learn is to do!”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Racers get a briefing on land, at the Yacht Club, at 12:45 pm (anchor boat at the club).  The course will be described as well as other details.
  • Half-hour horn sounds at 1:00 pm.  Race starts at 1:30 pm.
  • Two races are typically scheduled each race day, back-to-back unless conditions demand otherwise.
  • Race-day delays or cancellations made before or on race day due to poor weather conditions will be communicated via text.
  • Life preservers required for all race sailors & volunteers
  • Scores will be posted within 48 hours of race day.
  • Season race points winners will be awarded trophies at the fall Commodore’s Ball.

Races are scheduled every Sunday through August 27th, with one exception.  On Raft-O-Rama Sunday, sailboat racing will move to Saturday, August 5th.  That will be one action-packed weekend.  It’s starts with Run Clark Lake early Saturday, followed by sailboat races in the afternoon, Freedom Fireworks in the evening, and Raft-O-Rama on Sunday.

Last year’s Regatta was a super event.  Check out this video to learn more.