Once again, Clark Lakers displayed their imagination and talent on Sunday, August 7.  Twelve expertly decorated rafts circled the lake and wowed viewers.  At Party on the Point after the parade, fans not only voted for the Peoples Choice Award, but offered suggestions for next year’s theme.  The committee met Thursday night, and following tradition, invoked the Clark Lake oracle originally channeled by Bowser Eagy over 60 years ago.  From ideas offered, the group received the epiphainein reveal.  HOUSES.  Houses will be the theme for Raft-O-Rama 2023.

Given Clark Lake’s track record of excellent creativity, priming the pump of possibilities is easy.  When you consider the word house, infinite potential floods the mind.  Here are a few:  White House, Big House, schoolhouse, outhouse, greenhouse, warehouse, house of cards, poorhouse, fraternity house, haunted house, house of mirrors, Our House (song from the 80s), house of correction—and a couple of eyebrow raisers.

To be sure, Raft-O-Rama is all about fun.  Also winning.  Raft-O-Rama 2023 is a ways off, and there are three seasons to traverse before it arrives.  That provides plenty of time to ponder the big idea and to turn it into a winning entry.  To review the categories, and this year’s winners, please click here. 

At the Party on the Point, Tucker Boyers tells the Raft-O-Rama story in this short video.