Tucker Boyers’ team has been putting together Raft-O-Rama entries going back 32 years.  Some were engineering marvels.  For example, this year, live flames came out of Lady Liberty’s torch.  And to be sure, his crew has had their share of wins.  This year was special.  Sometimes a raft will win two awards, but three is rare.  In fact, it may have never happened before.  Yesterday, his team scored the Peoples Choice Award, Best Overall Adult, and Closest to the Theme.  The Peoples Choice Award is based on votes of people who come to Eagle Point after the parade.  The other awards are determined by independent judges, whose identity is a mystery.

In this video, Tucker gives voice to Raft-O-Rama glory and the Clark Lake Spirit.

The other entries this year, and the many going back over Raft-O-Rama’s 61 year history, have thrilled and delighted.  For the participants, it’s a good-time team effort.  The competition sharpens wits and improves outcomes.  Raft-O-Rama has grown from balloons attached the railing of a raft to what it has become today.  To sum up the experience, it’s all about fun for all at Clark Lake.

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