It was SRO as two remarkable performers were inducted into the Michigan Water Ski Hall of Fame – Clark Lake’s Jon Broderick and Devil Lake’s Bill Rerchua.  Bill’s recognition was bestowed posthumously as he passed away in March 2022.  (Read more about Bill in the article published in advance of the ceremony).

Jon traveled from his home in Georgia to receive the award at the home of the Hall of Fame, Krupa’s Boat Mart. You can get a sense of Jon’s impact on the sport in the introduction delivered by Roger Lyons.  To read it, please click here.

In the video, Jon tells how his kite flying experience at Clark attracted the attention of Cypress Gardens’ Dick Pope.  He also describes how his kite got him not much farther than the Wright Brothers first flight.

Jon Broderick becomes the fifth Clark Lake skier to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The four preceding him are Tony Krupa, Gary Krupa, Kay Vermeulen Nichols, and Lynn Vermeulen.  Photo of Lynn’s trick run is displayed at the Water Ski Hall of Fame.

David Nichols points to his late wife Kay’s recognition, also posted at the Hall of Fame.

In this shout-out, Lynn, Tony and Flip Reynolds flashback to Clark Lake’s powerful national impact on the sport, fun at Clark Lake and Pine Riders memories.

Jon’s story was told previously on this website – when his induction was announced, and his My Clark Lake Story that this website asked him to write in 2013.  Both of these pieces reveal more about his skiing career as well as lake history that spotlights the Clark Lake spirit.

When was his last visit to Clark Lake?  “About 10 years ago.”  How has Clark Lake changed from early memories?  Recall his raft ride around the lake yesterday morning, he said “Clark Lake has gone from a summer resort with cottages to palatial mansions.  Every inch of the lake has been upgraded to a fantasy land.”

There is a common thread with those who spend formative years at the lake, but then circumstances take them elsewhere.  Jon comments that his experience yesterday “was emotional and made me realize that everywhere I’ve lived is just my house.  But Clark Lake is my home.  Coming back has been rewarding, satisfying, and an unexpected emotional experience that has been good for me and my family.  Translation:  I cried a lot.”

Jon’s family was with him for the event.

Son-in-law David Sevilla, daughter Carolina, Jon, and wife Maria


Bill Rerucha’s award was accepted by his brother, Bob.

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