Pine Riders winners 1961

Joey Reynolds, Larry Failing, Lynn Vermeulen, Sally Searles, Charlie Timberlake, Phil Curtis, Buzzy Belcher (photo: Belcher family)

An important part of Clark Lake are the events, and some of those include competition.  Two very recent examples are Raft-O-Rama and Run Clark Lake.  In the 1960s, water skiing ruled.  And the epicenter of that activity was the Pine Riders Water Ski Club.

The photo is a “winner’s circle” picture from a Pine Rider’s meeting, likely from 1961.  Do you recognize the winners of the day?  (Tap or click to enlarge).  Some in this group were regulars at water skiing winner’s circle, whether it was slalom, tricks, or jumping at Clark Lake or elsewhere.  (If corrections to the names mentioned are needed, please email

Clark Lake has a magnetic effect on those who have spent time here, especially if that “time” was when you were young..  You never quite get Clark Lake out of your system.  Even if you leave, it lures you back. One of the winners in the photo is someone who hasn’t been to Clark Lake since 1982–Charlie Timberlake. Charlie says he’s planning to visit August 12 thru 18 and hopes to reconnect with friends from the Pine Rider days–and among other things, looks forward to revisiting “quiet evenings on the porch watching the sunset.” Reach out to Charlie at (203) 801-0871 or