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In this section read fictional or non-fictional short stories about Clark Lake or written by Clark Lake writers.  Enjoy!

Clark Lake’s Crazy Lot Lines

Lot lines at Clark Lake leave property owners scratching their heads.  The line on one side may appear to head straight for the lake, the other seems to go off in a nonsensical direction.  And that description doesn’t begin to touch what happens at the back of the lots where lines sometimes criss-cross leading to… Read more »

Alligator Spotted Near Clark Lake

An alligator appeared three summers ago and took up residency in Christman’s pond off Jefferson across from Eagle Point Road.  The alligator, now 3 feet long, has been seen sunning itself, even on cold days, on a dock protruding out into the one-third acre pond.

Greg and Prudy Christman insist they have never fed the… Read more »

Mothers Day

Clark Lake’s Laurice LaZebnik is the author of three books.  The most recent is Minnie’s Potatoes, which is an historical novel that focuses on the life of her great-grandmother.  Many who have read or have become aware of Laurie’s new book have developed a keener interest in preserving family history.  Below is the story of Laurie’s… Read more »

Big Development Coming to Clark Lake

Given the current state of China’s economy, news like this should not be shocking.  One result of weakening status is that their currency has fallen against the dollar. Their once mighty reserves are fast being depleted. And you have billionaires who would like to get their money out of China to avoid pitfalls like confiscatory… Read more »

Laurice LaZebnik on Writing Minnie’s Potatoes: Entry 2

Entry 2

Below is the second preview of what Clark Lake novelist Laurice LaZebnik uncovered while writing “Minnie’s Potatoes.” The historical romance novel will be available at Doyle’s on Hyde Road, Clark Lake in March, or can be downloaded to your Kindle from Amazon.com.

Filling in the Blanks: Minnie’s Potatoes

I never met my great… Read more »

Laurice LaZebnik on Researching and Writing Minnie’s Potatoes

As you know, Clark Lake’s Laurice LaZebnik is a published author.  She and her husband, Bob, live in the remarkable log home that graces Kentucky Point.  Her soon to be released novel, Minnie’s Potatoes, is an historical narrative based on the life of her great grandmother.  Laurie chronicles the lives of immigrants during Michigan’s lumbering… Read more »

A Grownup Thanksgiving

by Laurice LaZebnick

Note:  Laurie is one of Clark Lake’s published authors.  Stay tuned–her latest book, Minnie’s Potatoes, is coming soon. Watch this website for details!

Today the folks who make me feel safe in my world are coming to celebrate Thanksgiving at our Clark Lake cottage…my family.

It’s noon. I can see my mother… Read more »

John Karkheck’s Nighttime Visit to the Community Center

It first happened Sunday, September 27, 2015, the night of the Blood Moon. While many around Clark Lake were gazing upward observing the astronomical phenomenon, a darker aberration was occurring. As if to say there was a morsel of truth to what are largely regarded as myths, the night of the Blood Moon marked the… Read more »

The Long Night

by Bill Leutz

During the 9½ years I lived in Norway, I collected many books of that area. Included in this collection were a number of 19th-century English travel, hunting, and fishing diaries, as well as a fair collection of Norwegian folktales. This story attempts to merge the material of these two collections. I hope… Read more »