When it comes to docks at Clark Lake, no two are exactly the same.  Even manufactured docks have their differences.

For years, cottagers developed their dock systems based on their own understanding of engineering principles, or “it worked last year…why change?”  Every year new dock designs appear from manufacturers that want to capture your business. They believe their latest model will finally turn the tide.  With patents secure, their windfall profits are only a season away.

Often missing from dock design is how well it blends with nature’s surroundings.  It seems unavoidable that docks block views and hide some of the natural beauty.   Until now.  A new manufacturer will soon introduce a revolutionary upgrade.  It’s what the coaching staff of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would call a game changer.  It’s the Tom Brady of the dock world.

The company moving this new concept forward has experience in upgrading appearances.  No doubt you’ve seen ads that promote alternatives to braces for realigning a crooked smile. While the correction is taking place, you don’t see countless food-catching wires as plastic takes their place. 

How does this relate to docks at Clark Lake?

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