The battalion of electric workers descending upon Clark Lake yesterday had its effect.  Many at the lake saw their power restored.  But not everyone.  As of this writing (8:30 am Sun), the Eagle Point area is like standing between jets ready for takeoff on the runway with engines revving.  Generators dominate the air from every direction.

Under the supervision of Consumers Energy, crews from Virginia are out again.

The Eagle Point area should see results today.  Two known problems existed this morning—a cross member on a poll on Eagle Point Lane (the spur off of Eagle Point Road), and a limb resting on a wire going to a barn on Eagle Point Drive.

Several residents report receiving messages from Consumers Energy that their power had been restored while they were still down.  Upon reporting the inaccurate information, some residents were told “Monday.”  Those predictions aren’t always right, and some will likely see results later today.

Meanwhile, the clean up continues.  This group was working at it yesterday at the Yacht Club.

The scene is being repeated everywhere.

Below, trucks in formation at Lions Park yesterday morning.  To review the story, please click here.


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