Daylight revealed what damage the ice storm left behind.  At this writing (12 noon), tree branches continue to fall and slippery conditions can confound walking in some areas.

Jefferson Road, west of Eagle Point, had been closed.  Some rubble has been cleared allowing cars to navigate around the fallen branches.

During the noon hour, the blockage on Eagle Point near the Marina was cleared.

Across the street, a tree crashed into a garage, inflicting significant damage.

Lakeview West is blocked.

Alternate routes will be necessary for several areas, including this North Shore location.

A maple tree fell across a yard on Q Lane.

This house is on Jefferson Road.

Power lines are down in many locations.  There were a number of situations where branches had fallen on power lines and were snarled in them.

A powerline is down on the Spirit Trail near the west end of Vining Street.  Consumers Energy urges caution by staying at least 25 feet away.  Last evening on South Jackson Road, about midway between Clark Lake and Jackson, a powerline was on ground, creating its own light show.

This tree topppled into the lake in the Township Park at the west end.

The County Park at the east end was also affected. The non-operational outhouse, highlighted in Completing the Movement and part of preserving Clark Lake’s past, was damaged.

These branches fell against the Community Center structure, but the building was not damaged.

Generators are creating their own audio backdrop at Clark Lake today.   Though quite colorful, the Consumers Energy outage map is not very encouraging.  It appears Clark Lake has not yet been “assigned.”

Consumers does offer predictions as to when power will be restored.  Past experience shows those predictions can vary widely from reality.  A recent news release commented:  “About a half-inch of ice – equivalent to the weight of a baby grand piano – covered Michigan’s southern counties, resulting in more than 5,700 downed wires and more than 215,000 outages. The energy provider is closely monitoring the forecasts for strong wind gusts and tree branches moving as ice melts, which could cause further damage.”

Thanks to B. J. Lyons who drove your reporter around the lake today.  His vehicle appears to be invincible in face of physical challenges,  and has a definite “go anywhere” attitude.