Freezing rain has impacted Clark Lake.  Power is out in many areas at and around the lake, and internet may be affected, depending on location.   Branches are down everywhere.  As of 9 pm, two downed trees blocked Eagle Point Road just south of Eagle Point Marina.  This photo was taken facing south in front of the Marina.  The red in the photo is from the tail lights of a car.

B. J. Lyons was the good Samaritan who pushed a major blockage out of the way on Eagle Point Road, just south of Jefferson Road.  The passage is narrow, but now navigable.   The light in the distance is from the Eagle Point lift station which is power by generator.

As of 8:45 pm, Lakeview West was blocked near Jefferson.  Jefferson had major limb on it near Lakeview.  North Shore is blocked near F Lane.

Daylight will certainly reveal what damage the ice storm has wrought.

Downed power lines are also a hazard.  This photo was taken on South Jackson Road about halfway between Clark Lake and Jackson.

At the time this photo was taken (about 7:30pm), a large tree had toppled but was resting on a tree across the road.  If that tree were to drop, results could be severe.

Updates as they become available.