A battalion of out of town electric utility vehicles arrived at Clark Lake this morning.  Congregating at first in the church parking lot, they then moved to Lions Park where they created the formation you see above.  The crews met with Consumers Energy officials under the shadow of the major substation at the end of Vining Street.

What does that mean for Clark Lake?  The crews are fanning out and will deal with the Clark Lake outage.  Think hours, not days.

One of the crew, from West Virginia, spoke of the magnitude of the effort.  His group had recently been restoring electrical lines in Lansing.

Thanks to C.J. Cox and Beth Snay for alerting the website of the activity on Hyde Road.

During the outage, Clark Lakers have been relying heavily on generators—stand by permanent units or portables.  Bill Leutz, Clark Lake’s poet, transformed the experience into words.

“In the heart of a dark cold winter’s night
When ice has come to shatter trees
And break the wires of comfort’s ease
Our generator hums and wheezes
To bring to us the sound of light.”