One year ago, the Eagle’s Nest opened its doors. Long anticipated, Clark Lakers flocked to the restaurant in July 2021.  In recognition of the anniversary, the Eagle’s Nest will present Ian Stewart on the Lakeside Patio, staged from the Band Raft this evening from 6 pm – 9 pm (Sat 7/30).

Eagle Point has a rich history when it comes to the serving of food.  In the days of Rollo Every, the Eagle Point Hotel served guests in the dining room.  After ownership transferred, the part of the hotel that included the dining room was destroyed by fire.  Cal Pittman built the Eagle’s Nest—two levels of concrete floors, dining tables, the bar, and pool table in the northeast corner.

Years later when the Eagle’s Nest came down, Mike McKay crafted the beautiful building that stands today.  The Pointe Bar and Grill went through several iterations as it attempted to find a unique identity.  When Blair Huff acquired the restaurant, what would it be?  The old sign came down in April 2021.

At the time, Blair owned Lucero’s, a restaurant located at the corner of Jefferson and Ocean Beach.  Nothing at that corner had ever been successful.  Think miniature golf, donut shop, the worm, or whatever.  Blair, and his general manager, Jorge Orozco changed that forever.  Lucero’s translated from Spanish means “bright star,” also the name of Jorge’s daughter.  Like its name, Lucero’s star shone brightly.  When it became known that Blair had purchased Eagle Point, and that Jorge would manage the restaurant, great expectations followed.  The future Eagle’s Nest was announced in May 2021.

When it opened on July 28th, Clark Lakers welcomed the Eagle Nest with open arms.

Blair Huff and Jorge Orozco in front of the Band Raft on the Lakeside Patio

Guests noticed the changes to the building.  The sunken bar was no longer subterranean,  a tiki bar had been added on the Lakeside Patio, and the walls decorated with lake memorabilia.  Did you know that the Eagle’s Nest displays not less than four vintage outboard motors, a Mercury nameplate, a wooden boat, various waterskis, a Pine Riders jacket, the Clarks Lake train depot sign, two bicycles, and part of a Southbay raft?

These items embellish the Eagle’s Nest connection with Clark Lake.  Some are backed up by significant Clark Lake stories, like the marlin.

In addition to the Hotel restaurant, other food-serving predecessors were located at Eagle Point.  Bill’s store in the hotel was known to serve food items.  About 1960, a small restaurant on the first floor of the pavilion opened on the westside, adjacent to the marina garage and boat storage.  It didn’t last long.  What about others at the lake?  Eateries have come and gone at Clark Lake—places like the Lighthouse, Elsie’s, Nightcrawlers, and the Burg.

Looking forward, Eagle’s Nest owner Blair Huff says “we want to thank everyone who has made our first year successful. We’re here to stay.”

  • Managers Naeem Khan & Jorge Orozco
  • Chef Jason Slabinksi
  • The Huffs--Blair, Chelsea and Kids