Now it can be said.  The restaurant at Eagle Point will be called the Eagle’s Nest Bar & Grill. The name stirs memories of a long-gone, but well-loved restaurant at the  Point.  Comments reveal that many miss its familiarity, friendliness and informality. 

The metamorphosis from the Pointe Bar & Grill to Eagle’s Nest will likely find open arms around the lake.  Owner Blair Huff says “we want this to be a lakeside restaurant that all will enjoy.”  That could be interpreted this way.   “If you arrived by raft and dressed for the ride, you will feel at home at the Eagle’s Nest.” 

Blair also owns Lucero’s.  That’s where Jorge Orozco earned his Clark Lake stripes through the successful launch and staying power of this highly popular restaurant.  Jorge’s managerial role will expand to the new Eagle’s Nest, as well.  Of the atmosphere he says, “think of a higher-end sports bar, not a high end restaurant.”   

As mentioned in an earlier article on this website, the menu will reflect that.  Along with a range of appetizers, you’ll find several varieties of 8-ounce Certified Angus Beef Steakburgers, served with fries or upgrades.  Entrees include the Certified Angus Beef sirloin steak, grilled salmon, shrimp or grilled chicken dinner, tortellini alfredo, and fish and chips.  Salads of various kind will also be offered. The menu includes kid’s fare and, yes, some tantalizing desert choices.  

If you thought the previous restaurant was overpriced for what you got, Blair and Jorge want to change that.  In spite of today’s advancing costs, they want their price points to be in line with what you’d expect at Clark Lake.  Sandwiches start at 11.99, burgers at 12.99, entrees at 13.99, and appetizers at 7.99.  The final menu is on the way to the printers.  

The new outside color is a blend created especially for the Eagle’s Nest.  Recently those passing by noticed different colors tested on the side of the building.  Anyone trying to decide what a paint color really will look like knows the challenge. Testing it out in a real life situation ensures better outcomes.  In this case, they felt standard colors didn’t project the right feel.  So this mix became a custom blend for this unique application.  

Blair, Jorge, and their crew are working now to complete renovations for the Eagle’s Nest opening in early June.  When you walk in, you will immediately be greeted by the new look.  One of the striking visuals will have something to do with with this photo.


Jorge is assembling the staff right now.  Based on the last article, some have already applied. If you know some who is interested, Jorge can be reached at     

On a chilly April 2, Blair and Jorge removed the Pointe Bar and Grill sign in preparation for the change.