As this website reported last night, the Columbia Township board ruled against the concert venue proposal at Clark Lake.  The vote of the trustees was unanimous.

Over 50 Clark Lakers who opposed the venue submitted comments that were published on this website.  Others reached out via letters, emails, and phone calls, registering their concern to the Township.

In the video below you’ll view residents standing up for Clark Lake, making known their opposition.  Though not included in the video, several speakers told of their long connection to Clark Lake, going back generations and over 100 years.


The promoter, Scott Vitale spoke in favor of this proposal.  In this video you’ll see him make his case.  Two others, also from Jackson, voiced their support.


The Township board consists of seven elected trustees.  Three trustees were absent—Brent Beamish, Robin Tackett and Mike Trout.  The remaining four trustees–Barry Marsh, John Calhoun, Cathy Jo Hulburt, and Rick Deland—constituted a quorum.  The proposal had been tabled during the January meeting.  The board reversed that first.  Then Supervisor Barry Marsh asked if there was a motion to approve the proposal.  Hearing none, he then asked if there was a motion to deny the proposal.  Watch the video to see what happened.


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