The Columbia Township Board tabled until next month a promoter’s proposal to stage a concert series at Clark Lake.  The promoter, Scott Vitale, intends to bring in country music acts on five different dates in 2023.  As reported on this website in November, and again yesterday, the location is an area along 127 and accessible only through Industrial Drive.

The concert site is close to Clark Lake.  The distance from the boundary of the property to the intersection of North Shore and Hyde Road is about 1/4 mile.  Some residents have expressed concerned about the short distance because of the way sound travels, not only from the site, but how sound can bounce off the water and be amplified across the lake.


To water’s edge, the distance is .39 miles.

The reason for tabling a vote was to enable further due diligence.  That would take the form of requiring written responses from other agencies including fire, police, JCDOT, MDOT, and health department, as well as draft contracts from Columbia police and fire for first responder services provided.  The motion to table contained those provisions.

Though a vote was tabled to the February board meeting, the mood of the room seem to support going forward.  Below is an updated version of what appeared in yesterday’s article.

Scott Vitale says the concerts would feature the Country Boots & Bands brand.  Operating as Raine Productions, the organization has put on shows in surrounding townships including Summit, Napoleon and Blackman.  The one-day music concerts could eventually attract up to 5,000 to the proposed venue, although their current application limits the number to 2,000.  Doors would open at 6 pm with performances from 7 pm – 10:30 pm.  Parking would accommodate more than 1700 cars.

The idea was first introduced publicly at the November meeting of the Columbia Township Board.  Here are several views of the location.


Below is an aerial view, showing 127 and Industrial Drive.  The only entrance or exit is through Industrial Drive.


At Industrial Drive, 127 consists of two travel lanes with a center turn lane.  Concerned residents have raised these questions:

  • 127 is already a busy artery and has a reputation for accidents.  With cars in the center turn lane entering from both north and south, how would that affect traffic and is it safe?

Comment from the Columbia Township Police:  Should this pass, Chief Jay Niles says “the department will work with MDOT and law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of those traveling on 127, and those exiting and entering the venue.  To control traffic flow, the traffic light at 127 and Jefferson can be manually operated, similarly to MIS race days in conjunction with other efforts at that intersection.” At last night’s meeting, Chief Niles said he envisioned additional lighting to improve visibility, and that road cones would be placed to guide traffic.

  • Industrial Drive is the only way in and out of the venue.  What if emergency vehicles need to use it and cars are packed bumper to bumper?

Chief Niles comments “Proper planning will take place to enable emergency vehicles to operate no matter what traffic conditions are.”

  • What about cost?

According to Chief Niles, on the nights of concerts, the entire department would be required to be on hand.  He said the promoter would reimburse the Township.  The Township board asked that a draft contract be written with specifics.

Other concerns heard from residents include alcohol consumption and sanitation.

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Here is an overhead view of the plans for the venue.


Here are some views of the 127/Industrial Drive intersection.

  • Looking east from the west side of 127
  • On Industrial Drive looking toward proposed venue entrance/exit
  • 127/Industrial Dr intersection looking north east
  • Industrial Dr looking west toward 127


To read more from the concert promoter, please click here.