Raft-O-Rama starts its 2023 build.  Why build?  Because the theme for summer 2023 is HOUSES.  On Sunday, August 6, expect to see rafts on Clark Lake transformed into houses.  The theme was announced in the fall which has given participants something to think about during the cold winter months.


Raft-O-Rama met on Saturday (2/11) and worked on plans for the 2023 extravaganza. Because they were in the Eagle’s Nest Room with a View, their backdrop was beautiful Clark Lake.  Nary a cloud was in the sky, and the sun warmed the air into the 40s.  Put the weather together with Raft-O-Rama’s first meeting of 2023 and you have a formula that says spring is on the way.  Check out Raft-O-Rama 2022 by clicking here. 

Last Saturday, two events took place on the ice—the Clark Lake Cup hockey match and the Fallen Outdoors Fishing Tournament.  That they took place at all is amazing. Only days before the lake had no ice.  Benefiting from some cold nights, Saturday saw ice build to 6-inches and the surface was finished with a mirror-like shine.  So both events took place.  Then, within 24 hours warming weather turned the mirror-like surface slushy.  Since then, the ice continues to recede.  Take a look at Clark Lake on Saturday, February 11th.

For comparison, here’s Eagle Point on the day of the Polar Plunge, two weeks ago.