No ice, no game.  That’s what it looked like a few days ago.  But a cold snap not only froze Clark Lake, but provided a solid 6 inches of ice, and then topped it off with a mirror-like finish.  Yesterday, Saturday, February 4th, the temperature rose to a balmy 32 degrees.  It was perfect weather for the Clark Lake Cup, now in its 6th year.  The match featured the west end, aka Eagle Point or the Narrows, against the east end, Almeda Court.  This year it was Almeda Court’s turn to host.

Almeda introduced an innovation this year–an electronic scoreboard.  The work of the scorekeeper greatly improved spectators’ ability to follow the progress of the game.  In the video, the camera captured as many of the scoring moments as possible, and in some cases you’ll see the score flashed onto the screen.

Here are some video freezeframes.

The game was popular with fans who came to watch the action, and caught up with neighbors while enjoying the sunshine.

Whenever possible, events like these can also be seen on the DamCam or Spirit Cam, depending on location.  Viewers of the DamCam could watch the game live this year.  The view below shows the venue during the set up.

Almeda Court group photo


Eagle Point group photo

The Clark Lake Cup.  B.J. Lyons holds it, showing both sides.