At precisely 11:04 am today, Raft-a-thon III pulled into the mooring dock at 1016 Eagle Point.  That was exactly 69 hours after their launch from the same location on Friday at 2:04 pm.  In the video, Noah Zak, Crew Clement, and Andrew Duckett tell their story–the harrowing night and morning of thunder and heavy rain, the Tucker Boyers wake up, and advice for whoever takes up the challenge to break the 69 hour consecutive hours on the lake. 

Their first words were “we did it.”  Then there was a discussion about a warm shower and a sit down breakfast. 

There is a lot more to this story, including the history of Raft-a-thons I and II.  Check it out by clicking these links. 

Sunday Morning

Saturday Morning

The Departure on Friday

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