Last night was brutal.  Our three intrepid guys stuck it out through thunder and heavy rain.  As you will see in the video, they woke up soaked.  As of this morning, they face 26 more hours to beat the record of consecutive hours on the lake. That record is held by Ryan Ambs, who made it to 61 1/2 hours.  He, in turn, beat Tucker Boyers who started the competition with the first Raft-a-thon sometime in the 1990s.  During this video from this morning, you will flashback to Ryan Ambs who visited Raft-a-thon III Saturday evening. 

Drill down on the cool details of past Raft-a-thons through these previous updates:

The launch Friday at 2:04 pm.

Saturday morning update.

The difference between Sunday morning and late Sunday afternoon is stunning.  The photo below was taken in the 8 am hour.  The camera was close to the raft, and the lens is in focus.  What smears the photo is heavy rain.  

Here are the guys in the same location at 6:45 pm.

The supply raft–Sally and BJ Lyons and kids–is heading their way.

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