While rafts and boats gathered in the usual formations in the Eagle Point Cove yesterday afternoon, another gathering was taking place on shore inside.  Kids and adults watched a magician perform.  Jill Bentley and David Nichols invited friends and neighbors, especially the kids, to enjoy the show, leaving everyone to wonder “how did he do that?”  Jill first saw Paul Kobranis perform at an art fair, and became inspired to make Clark Lake one of his venues.  David had another idea, which you’ll see him explain in the video.

Sunday Magic was not the first themed event to take place at the former Every cottage.  The most recent was to establish Clark Lake’s Guacamole Champion, as reported on this website.  Still ahead in September is the Ice Cream & Pie Party.  Others will remember visits from Benny Poole, who was a well known local musician.  Benny, who passed away in December 2020, had performed at the Pointe, where he developed a Clark Lake fan base.  David thought the Eagle Point Cove would be an excellent venue, so he talked Benny into performing on a raft. That happened several times, as  boats and other rafts gathered around to enjoy jazz on the water.

Before the fun began, the kids waited patiently…

…and adults enjoyed the moment.