Clark Lake offers inspiration in multiple forms. Out of it comes art at Clark Lake, and art of Clark Lake, and sometimes both.  Two recent works of art at the lake received considerable attention.  The Spirit Trail’s Welcome to Clark Lake sign created by Annette Fink is both of and at the lake.  Grant and Annie Brown’s mural painted by Sharon Sunday faces the lake from the front of their house. 

Another example of art of Clark Lake is the mural painted long ago that had been on display at the Community Center.  Though the painting remains missing, a photo survived.  Through the magic of Photoshop, the image was restored so it could be printed on canvas.  The replica is now in the possession of the original owners of the painting, Flip and Linda Reynolds.    

Recently Lisa Brown was spotted in the Township park committing her own vision of Clark Lake to canvas.  Here she is taking a cellphone break.  

Later, Lisa provided this look of Pine Point in the finished version of her painting.

Still ahead is the story of a water color of Eagle Point. Stay tuned. 

Photos:  Rick Belcher