Grant and Annie Brown have added to their Clark Lake home.  As completion drew near, one question kept coming up.  “What are you going to do with all that space?”  The space being questioned was a broad expanse of wall at lake level under the deck of the living area floor.  For awhile, Grant and Annie didn’t have an answer.  Would it be a place to hang kayaks and other lake toys…or could something else be done with it?  Annie had long admired the artistry of several fish hung by their window at Trout Creek.  That led to an inspiration.  Why not use those as a model for a mural?

Grant and Annie found an artist who works in acrylics, and you may have seen her work.  Sharon Sunday creates the art for the windows at Polly’s.  She has done the same for the Pointe Bar and Grill.  

The Brown’s project started with drawings.  Several coats of base were applied to the concrete wall.  Then the transformation began.  As Sharon worked on the mural, she would sometimes have second thoughts about a particular fish or object.  The next day the alteration would appear on the wall. 

Grant and Annie Brown, Sharon Sunday

As you cruise by the Brown’s you’ll be able to check out the mural for yourself.  The Brown’s are located on the east end of the lake, south shore.  

In this slide show, you’ll see the turtles on a section of the wall facing east.  That has particular meaning.  Grant says “we watch the turtle highway that stretches from the lake to an area in back of our house.  This is where turtles lay their eggs.  We really had to add them to complete the picture.”  

Photos: Rick Belcher