House plans are taking shape all over Clark Lake.  The designs tend to be secret, with only a few clued into what’s going on. Why?  Because Raft-O-Rama participants are out to win, and who wants the competition to discover proprietary information?   This year’s theme is Houses.

Raft-O-Rama is right around the corner – Sunday, August 6th.  Need some help with building materials?  Cardboard is available at Dan Omo’s barn at 96 Hyde Road.  To make arrangements with Dan, call 937-0424 or  Cardboard is courtesy of Opus Packaging,  2400 E. High St., Jackson.

Coming soon, all the things you need to know for Raft-O-Rama.  Stay tuned.

Once the parade ends on Raft-O-Rama Sunday, the party begins at Eagle Point.  Don’t miss the music of Big Nasty, fun for the kids, and the silent auction.  Cool items will be up for bid, and one of them is an annual favorite from Vermeulen Furniture – an awesome recliner.  For the last 20 years, Lynn, and son Nate, have generously donated a valuable piece of furniture to the Raft-O-Rama silent auction.  As you know, Lynn was a champion water skier who spent countless hours practicing on the waters of Clark Lake.  Here’s Lynn’s trick run from 1961.

Lynn and Nate Vermeulen

Silent auction proceeds for most items go to defray the cost of Raft-O-Rama.

Another cool item going up for silent auction bid is a Dori Pole.  Clark Lakers often attach these to docks to brighten the landscape and deter the scourge of seagulls.  In 2016, this website photographed every Dori on the lake that summer.  According to the company, Clark Lake may have broken the record for the most Dori Poles, a bit like Fleet 58 did with Hobies.  Check it out by clicking here.  The Kalamazoo company that makes them recently added something new to the Dori world – the means to attach them to rafts.

This silent auction item includes the mounting bracket and your choice of pennant.  Because of the popularity of Dori Poles at Clark Lake, the company president visited Clark Lake.  Click here to view that story.   They are donating this silent auction item, and proceeds will go to the Clark Lake’s Garden Angels.

Below, the Raft-O-Rama committee who puts it all together.  Ready for the fun?