If you ask Clark Lakers about their memories of the lake, you hear “yellow raft” often.  Memories of it are clear, but photos are few. Thanks to Carolyn Nichols, we have this one, taken at sunrise.

The yellow raft was anchored in deep water along the Eagle Point cove. In his My Clark Lake Story, Dr. Don Nichols, explained “No tale is complete without stories of the ‘yellow raft’. To avoid liability the raft was owned as an LLC, by the Bannasch, Shawaker, Andrews and Nichols Families. It was a source of endless fun, picnics and seeing if a ‘townie’ would fit into our group. Many of those who passed the test are still here as lake residents.”

Sadly, Dr. Don passed away this summer.  We’re fortunate he wrote of his experiences at the lake, and we can still read about them here.

The yellow raft is mentioned in three other places on this website. Click on their names to read My Clark Lake Story from:  Ron June, Larry Ryan, and Elise Bentley Fish.

yellowraft 2

Thanks to Carolyn Nichols for this photo of the yellow raft.