Today, Saturday, November 11th, is Veterans Day.  Clark Lake has its ways of offering salutes to those who served in our Armed Forces.  Some visuals jump out.  Flags, that are part of the Brooklyn Kiwanis program, wave around the lake on patriotic holidays, including this one.

Look for this truck at the corner of Jefferson and Eagle Point Roads.  Its owner is Eagle Point Marina’s Tom McCutchen.  His great uncle served in Korea, as did the truck.

As the sign notes, Sgt. Lyon was a machine gunner.  Returning to civilian life, he became a welder and machinist, and was well known for his work in the Jackson area.  He passed away in late 2021.

On this Veterans Day, owner of the Eagle’s Nest, Blair Huff, is saluting veterans by offering 50% off their entire meal.

Clark Lake veterans served their country well.  In this video, produced in 2017, some of them tell their story.  Experiences include World War II, Vietnam, and other military involvements.  Featured in the video is World War II veteran Jack Bentley who passed away in 2018.  Earlier that year, he received a visit from the Quilts of Valor Foundation at his home in the Eagle Point Cove.  Click here to learn about that event, as he was surrounded by friends and family.  Through several interviews with this website, Dr. Bentley recounted his military experience.  To read how the war changed his life, please click here.

Also in the video is Jim Dandar, who tells of his military service, and that of his father.  Like Jack Bentley, Jim’s father has also passed.

Others in the video are Michael McCarthy, Flip Reynolds, Frank Hones, Mike Ligibel, and Walt Reed.


Now a personal note from your reporter, who is also a veteran.  Sgt. Belcher (left) salutes all who served.

Sgt. Belcher’s father, Ernest Belcher, served during World War II aboard a minesweeper in the South Pacific.

After a long career in business, and well into retirement, he was still able to fit into his Navy uniform.

On Veterans Day, many who served will hear these words of gratitude: “Thank you for your service.”  You can find a salute to those who served at the Clark Lake Community Center 365 days a year.  Names of service members are inscribed in bricks around what is called the “Pentagon”, in the shape of the military’s massive headquarters in Washington, D.C.

To learn more about the Community Center’s brick program, please click here.