It happens frequently that friends and family drop by to visit with Dr. Jack Bentley at his Clark Lake home.  This afternoon was different. Along with a typical entourage was Lois McDoniel from the Quilts of Valor Foundation.  Once in Dr. Jack’s living room, she presented this quilt created by members of the organization that seeks out veterans who have been touched by war.

Now 96 years old, Dr. Jack was a hero in World War II.  While piloting a mission over wartime Europe, his plane was nearly destroyed by shrapnel.  He crash landed and sustained serious injuries.  To read how that terrifying experience dramatically changed his life, please click here.

Living at Clark Lake and having a thriving medical practice in Jackson, Jack became well-known and is loved by many.  His wife, Mary, also a medical doctor, passed away in 2016.  You can read about Dr. Mary by clicking here.

Lois McDoniel from Quilts of Valor is on the left. She’s holding the star-spangled carrier for the quilt.

To hear Dr. Bentley tell his story, view this video from Veterans Day 2017.  In this video, several Clark Lake veterans tell their story.  Captain Bentley’s is the second one in the sequence.