Clark Lake experienced a mix of weather conditions today.  Early morning was not unusual.  At mid-morning, snow began to fall so heavily that you couldn’t see across the lake.  Then in the afternoon, the snow melted.  But along the way, the wind picked up with gusts over 30 mph, with whitecaps pounding the shore.  What did this mean for ice that was still on the lake? Ice was already gone on the west end.  That which remained on the east end made a hurried push toward Ocean Beach.   Below are some DamCam pics from this afternoon (the camera is located at the dam).


Ice pileup at Ocean Beach Pier

Every so often, a little sunshine.

Snow accumulation this morning amounted to 1.5 inches.  So far this season, accumulation totals 11 inches.

Since recording began in October, here the rain dates and amount.