After several days of rain and autumn-like chill, today’s high was in the mid 60s under sunny skies.  At the risk of committing cultural appropriation, today could be a great example of Indian summer.  Boats and rafts were on the lake and there was at least one water skier–the photographic evidence is below.  But first a flashback to August 20th.  The video features Andrew Lajdziak on wakeboard, Damon Bundy on slalom, and California’s Tommy Czeschin, surfing.  You can review their exploits here when the GS20 was demoed at Clark Lake.  The GS20 version of the Nautique can switch modes to provide either a large wake for surfing and wakeboarding, or minimal wake for slalom.

As you can see, all three participants are very good at what they do behind this boat.  When you view the video, you’ll see Andrew has become quite adept at Final Cut Pro as well.

Now take a look at Clark Lake’s Sunny Sunday.

dsc_1636_1101 dsc_1656_1103 dsc_1671_1105And for the rest of us, it was this–either raking them or leaving them for another day “when we feel like it.”