measurement Ann's deck ps

The ruler measures accumulation on the deck rail. Move to the driveway or lawn, and it’s a different story. Photo: Ann Swain

As Clark Lake watched the Super Bowl last night, nature made its own play.  This morning’s sunrise revealed about 14 inches of snow had fallen.  Because of drifting, that number could only be considered an average.

Clark Lake has witnessed true weather variety over the last three days.  On Saturday the Polar Plungers jumped into frigid Clark Lake waters under bright sun, but with an air temperature of only 20.  Sunday brought lots of snow–so much that as it fell you couldn’t see across the lake.  High winds sculpted the snow into various designs, sometimes leaving big mounds on driveways.  Then this morning, the temperature dropped to single digits as Clark Lake contemplated digging out.

Check out timeline photos as the sun rose this morning.  The view is looking east across Hyde Road.  (Click or tap photos to enlarge; repeat, to reduce).  Photos: Ann Swain