In case you are flush with cash, Leoni Township wants some of it.  Leoni Township operates the sewage plant that receives waste from Columbia Township and other locales.  Leoni has raised rates again because of the ongoing deterioration of their sewage processing system.  Hydrogen sulfide is very corrosive, and it’s taking its toll.  

Tonight (Monday, December 21), Columbia Township trustees had no choice but to vote for a rate increase.  For the April-May-June 2021 period, the typical Clark Lake resident’s bill will go from $234 to $243.  But wait.  There’s more.  Replacing corroded or otherwise worn parts will continue.  One estimate calls for another increase starting as soon as July-August-September 2021 that could add another $15 to $18 to the quarterly amount. 

Meanwhile, disagreements over bond payments continue.  The issue has lots of history, and is a labyrinth of complications.

Otherwise, near the conclusion of the meeting, Township board members offered some thumbs up–Terry Mahr for her work on the planning commission and zoning board, Trustee Flip Reynolds for his service on the Township board, and to Treasurer John Calhoun and Controller Heather Peterson for their ongoing work on the sewer litigation.   

As reported previously on this website, the work on the Eagle Point lift station is almost complete.  Below is a report on activity at other stations within the network.