The refurbishing of the Eagle Point lift station is nearly complete.  Corroded piping, leaky holding well, and tired electrical systems have been replaced or updated.  As the work ends, it will be like a breath of fresh air.  This essential work has dowsed the immediate neighborhood with a not-so-pleasant assault on the human olfactory interconnection.  Gone will be the persistent, putrid malodorous influence to the air, as well as grinding mechanical noises any hour day or night.

Work has continued almost daily for months, even when you wouldn’t expect it.  On Sunday morning several trucks arrived and their crews were hard at work.  Overnight cold weather had frozen the temporary pump.  That required emergency attention.    

The project commenced when a study revealed the Eagle Point lift station had reached end of life.  Hydrogen sulfide had eaten through the lining of what’s called the wet-well or sewage holding tank and some of the associate plumbing. 

Clark Lake’s sewage system does not operate on gravity.  Once sewage reaches a certain level in the well, the lift station pumps it uphill to its next location. That must continue, even during a power outage.  The standby portable generator is being replaced by a new permanent one.  The generator operates on natural gas and is awaiting Consumers Energy to complete the installation.

The enormous temporary holding tank will be removed soon, possibly today (Friday).  As the work crews depart, they will clean up the area, and new fencing will be installed. 

Thanks must go out to the crew who worked on this project.  If neighbors thought the aroma was offensive, consider what it must have been like to lower oneself into the old holding well or attach connections.  

If you would like to learn more, please click here for an article published on this website in September.