As reported yesterday on this website, about 4000 gallons of raw sewage entered Clark Lake.  As a result, the Jackson County Health Department visited the site and issued a public health advisory.  (Scroll down to read it).

The Brooklyn DPW took water samples this morning to test for e coli and coliform.  They have been taken to a lab with results expected early tomorrow afternoon.  According to DPW’s Keith Kotsch, the samples were taken at these locations:  about 50 yards west of the spill site (upstream), the cove near Keast Drive, Franklin off of Lakeview West, and Ocean Beach just north of the dam.  All but the first location were considered downstream from the spill.  The expectation is that water moves east propelled by the wind and is drawn in that direction by the dam.  To get the sample, the DPW walked out on docks 15 to 25 feet from shore.  The DPW crew was accompanied by an environmental team from Consumers Energy who checked the soil along the shoreline.  More samples will be taken tomorrow morning in the same locations.

The spill took place yesterday morning around 9:40 when a Consumers Energy subcontractor ruptured a sewer line that runs parallel to an east-west section of Q Lane.  A drain conveyed raw effluent to the lake.  The sewage blackened the water, distinctly marking its location compared to clear water. As part of the clean up yesterday, the DPW flushed the drain and collected the run off.  That would inhibit residue from entering the lake during the first rain. For more detail on what happened yesterday, please click here.

The effluent was comprised of household sewage—laundry, shower, dishwasher, toilet.  All of it had passed through grinder pumps, so it was in liquid form as it hit the lake.

This morning, this photograph was taken near where the sewage entered the lake.  As you can see, visible evidence of the sewage has vanished.  

Photo: Flip Reynolds

About 10 am, this website arranged for an inspection by raft.  Starting at ground zero, the path taken was easterly along the south shore, through the coves, along Ocean Beach, the County Park, and then diagonally across the lake back to the south side.  No plume could be found, nor did there appear to be evidence along the shore (although the observers were a dock-length away from the shore).    


This skier was observed heading east from Eagle Point. When they reached the area between the Yacht Club and Beach and Boat Club they turned and headed west.

This Health Department posted this advisory at several locations yesterday.

Thanks to John Deming who piloted his raft for this morning’s tour.