road sign psRaft-O-Rama is almost here.  And the creative genius and engineering ingenuity of Clark Lakers are coming together for another amazing year.  Plans are kept under wraps–stealth is the operative word of the week.

This 56th annual iconic event begins at 10:30 am, Sunday, August 7th.  Winning moments are achieved by thorough preparation, not only in building and construction, but the other details associated with the event.  You can review “The 10 things you’ve always wanted to know about Raft-O-Ram but were afraid to ask” by clicking here.

Cardboard is an essential building material, and here’s some really good news.  It’s free!  Tucker Boyers comments “the cardboard is generously donated by Georgia Pacific in Albion.” Tucker stores it at Gen 3 Leasing and Storage, free of charge.  From there, he trucks it to the Boyers’ home at 474 South Woodlands Drive.  You can drop by weekdays 4:30 pm to 8 pm, and all day Saturday & Sunday.

Every year the Raft-O-Rama committee showers Clark Lake with the latest cool things to wear and use.  These items connect perfectly to the event.  And here’s the added benefit to owning them.  On wintry nights in January, they elicit wonderful reminders of warm summer days at Clark Lake.  Towels are $35, hats $16, men’s t-shirts 15, and women’s $20.  You can purchase these goodies at Doyles and at the Point on Raft-O-Rama Sunday.

Below are some of the people who bring you Raft-O-Rama–with oars up, the committee!

RoR Committee

Beckey Ligibel, Becky Hones, Dan Omo, Kristy Hull, Nicole Menard, John Menard, Joe Collins (kneeling), Trisha Boyers, Josie Hones, Frank Hones (kneeling), Brody (held), Karen Menard

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