It was as if the creativity erupted like a volcano, except in a much more gentle way.  It would be hard to pinpoint the best ever Raft-O-Rama, but it were possible, this one would be a strong contender.  In all there were 27 rafts entered.  Right on schedule, they assembled at the head-of-the-lake and started their journey around the shoreline.

Judging this event must be very difficult. But someone has to do it, and the results are in from the awards ceremony held at 4 pm at Eagle Point.

Best Overall – Adults 18 and up – PAUL BUNYAN

Paul BunyanOverall winners get the good news at Eagle Point this afternoon.


Peoples Choice Award – OKTOBERFEST 12

Oktoberfest 12 AWinners of the Peoples Choice Award

Peoples Choice Winners

Best Overall – Kids 17 and under – CLARK LAKE OLYMPICS



Most Enthusiastic – OKTOBERFEST #12

Oktoberfest 12 B_edited-1


Most Original – OKTOBERFEST #6

Oktoberfest 6_edited-1

Funniest –  MARDI GRAS #8

Mardi Gras 8

Closest to Theme – WOODSTOCK #7

Woodstock 7 ver A


Tommorwland 22 A

Best Special Effects – BURNING MAN #11

Burning Man 11 A

Furthest from Theme – CINDY, WILL YOU MARRY ME #16  (For the story behind this raft, click here.)

Cindy Will You Marry Me 16

Rookie Award – DIA PE LOS MUCRIOS #15

Day of the Dead 15 A


Caspirilla Pirates 1 A

And more great rafts–27 in all!  Many more photos will be added soon.  Stay tuned!  To view the photos below, click on the first.  Then move your mouse over to the right side of the photo until an arrow appears.  Click on that arrow to move seamlessly to the next photo.