Friends and family gathered at the Beach Bar to remember Meredith and John Szostek.  Here are some of the smiling faces of those who came to remember them.  

At the event, Meredith’s son, Gerald Burns, addressed the group.

Many at Clark Lake fondly recall Meredith’s contributions to the community, including the Spirit Trail and Fleet 58.  At one time, Clark Lake’s Hobie population numbered more than any other U.S. inland lake, which won it the designation of Fleet 58.  The Boat Count from 1987 showed 85.  That number might have been higher during earlier peak years.  On Sundays, Hobies would race at 11 am.  Then at 1 pm, Yacht Club sailors would compete in Rebels, Interlakes, and Lightnings. 

Clark Lake’s huge congregation of these fast sailboats, and the organized effort, brought Hobie Alter here.  These photos are from Meredith’s collection that mainly feature Fleet 58 and those associated with it.


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In 2014, Fleet 58 returned for a regatta and reunion.  Click here to read about it, and view the boats in action.