Every September the Clark Lake Yacht Club hosts a Regatta.  This year is different.  Because of the scourge, the Club has elected not to hold the invitational this fall.  Treasurer Hugh Harris explains it this way.  “We polled those who usually participate, and found most would not attend this year.  And our Canadian competitors don’t have the option since they can’t cross the border.”  Events like these require lots of support, and costs are involved.  A regatta with only five boats didn’t seem like a good idea. 

This year would have been the 60th running of the invitational.  Last year, 29 boats participated.  That number was up substantially from 2018 when 19 boats competed.  Here’s a look at Sunday’s competition in 2019.


To review last year’s results, please click here

Sailing is not as simple as turning a key on a boat or raft.  It calls for a lot more.  Why put in the extra effort?  At one of the Regattas, sailors revealed why they sail in this video.