Day two of the Clark Lake Yacht Club’s Fall Regatta started off cloudy.  On this Sunday, the skies parted, wind kicked up, and the sailors were ready for action.  Not that yesterday left a lot on the table.  The wind and weather cooperated then as well, but the winds were tamer.  Once again, the whole lake was treated to the spectacle.  The course included both ends of Clark Lake.  Participants visited Clark Lake from all over, including Canada.

Ahead in this story are the results for each class—Buccaneers, Rebels, Sunfish and Wayfarers.  There is a lot to take in for this story.  First, get a feel for the day by reviewing the Day Two action reel.  In this collection, special attention was given to sailors rounding the markers and to their use of colorful spinnakers. Yesterday’s action reel also concentrated on the intensity of not only what happens at the markers, but start and finish lines.  No doubt those moments make an outsize contribution to outcomes.  Boats are inches from each other, and collisions are not unheard of.  Expletives sometimes fly.  As noted in yesterday’s story, sailors on shore are some of the nicest people in the world.  But when they hit the water, they put on their game face.    

To give you maximum perspective, the photos were taken from different vantage points.  Today’s action reel photos were taken both from a moving boat and from a dock at the west end of the lake.  Day One photos were taken from the committee raft. 

The competitors are scored within the class of the boat they sail.  The name of the captain is shown first, followed by crew.  Scroll down further to watch a short video on how you win a race, and how the scoring is calculated.  Finally, you can watch a video where competitors in last year’s regatta tell their truth about sailing—why they sail and what inspires them to win.


1 – Geoff Moehl and Gene Palmer, sail 5206

2 – Larry Schmida and Scott Dowling, sail 5242


1 – Kevin Nickels and Steve Middlebrook, sail 4200

2 – Dave Nickels and Karolina Carmona, sail 4176

3 – Tom Marriott and Natalie Hill, sail 4162

4 – Steve Cummings and Lyndsie Cummings, sail 4167

5 – Keith Councell and Ben Clark, sail 3982

6 – Mary Reif and Aaron Reif, sail 4161

7 – Scott Wright and Anne Markaity, sail 4180

8 – Brent Nowak and Brian Nowak, sail 4069

9 – Jay Topping and Pat Topping, sail 3994


1 – Jim Richter, sail 4058

2 – Tom Katerheinrich, sail 75417

3 – Don Fritz, sail 79407

4 – Gail Turluck, sail 4958

5 – Richard O’Boyle,  sail 77224

6 – Christy Bennett, sail CB 2


1 – Marc Bennett and Julie Seraphinoff, sail 11221

2 – David Pugh and Anne Pugh, sail 11222

3 – Peggy Menzies and Susanna Tellschow (Saturday) and Mike Moody (Sunday), sail 11158

4 – Al Schonborn and Shannon Donkin, sail 3854

5 – Frank Goulay and Kim Bergevin, sail 648

6 – Mike Codd and Kirk Iredala, sail 4600

7 – Leo Van Kampen and Joanne Van Kampen, sail 10944

8 – Dave McCreedy and Angela Brazil, sail 911

9 – Marc Meyer and Amelia Meyer, sail 2413

10 – Robert Mosher and Tom Rich, sail 3445

11 – Mike Austerberry and Robin Austerberry, sail 2951

How do you win a sailboat race?  The experts tell their secrets.

Why sail?  These participants in last year’s regatta speak from the heart.

The Committee Boat operates from a raft, and runs the race.  On board are statisticians Hugh and Helen Harris, and Chief Race Official Neil Robb.

In the support boat are Bill Kindt and Chris Eder.

Photos, video and story:  Rick Belcher