luminaries ps 2015 07-05Once again, the people who bring you Raft-O-Rama want to help you light up the lake on Sunday, July 3rd.  The Raft-O-Rama committee is offering luminaries to line Clark Lake’s shoreline in honor of Independence Day.  The luminaries are candles placed in small paper bags weighted with sand.  Once lit, they can illumine the shoreline well into the night or early morning hours. In past Fourth of July celebrations, their soft glow was the prelude to the “bombs bursting in air” later in the evening.

The luminaries are ten to a tote bag.  Fully assembled, ready to light luminaries are $15.  A do-it-yourself version is $10.  The Raft-O-Rama team is preparing to go door to door around the lake offering the luminaries, and they are also available at Doyle’s on Hyde Road.  The RoR goal is to create the maximum glow along all shorelines on Sunday, July 3rd.  Every year, more residents participate.

You get to keep the Clark Lake tote bag to use for other purposes, including lugging items around in the middle of winter when there is a need to remind yourself of summer fun at the lake.  There are costs involved with Raft-O-Rama and this project is a method of defraying some of those expenses.


Equally important to true Clark Lakers is to have the last R-O-R-ware.  This year there are two new t-shirts modeled here by Dan Omo and Becky Hones.  Shirts for men are $15; for women, $20.  Get yours at Doyle’s.

Members of the committee gathered to work on putting together luminaries on Friday, June 24th.  Here they are standing on the shoreline signaling “oars up.”

RoR Committee

Beckey Ligibel, Becky Hones, Dan Omo, Kristy Hull, Nicole Menard, John Menard, Joe Collins (kneeling), Trisha Boyers, Josie Hones, Frank Hones (kneeling), Brody (held), Karen Menard

Raft-O-Rama this year begins the morning of Sunday, August 7th.  The theme is “States.”  Click here for more info on one of the finest and most fun events at Clark Lake.

Below, Trisha Boyers is making the rounds and delivering luminaries with a little help from Slim!


Photo: Tucker Boyers